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At Cortek, we specialise in light-gauge steel framing for construction projects of all types and sizes. We provide a comprehensive service, covering the design, fabrication and supply of custom light steel framing in Australia.

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We partner with our clients to design and supply  framing for successful construction projects – from residential to commercial, aged care to schools, here at Cortek, we have over 18 years’ experience in light gauge steel pre-fabrication.

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Steel is the material of choice for future-thinking builders and developers. View our recent projects to discover why so many builders and developers are choosing to build with steel.

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When It Comes to Light Gauge Steel, Think Cortek.

Clear, consistent communication, a laser-like focus on the customer, and steel framing solutions that stand up to every job.

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Cortek Clients Say..

“By using Cortek (SBS Group), we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of construction programme and associated preliminaries.

Cortek steel framing proved to demonstrate a number of advantages in which were seen throughout the entire build. Onsite, and in comparison, to using conventional concrete structure or timber frames, Cortek provided significant time saving in the project construction. Logistically, Cortek’s coordination of delivering frames and on-site handlings also worked in the projects advantage.

Advantages were not only limited to on-site construction; we found that in the design stage of the project the Cortek shop drawings were able to be coordinated with the likes of windows and joinery shop drawings to eliminate design clashes.”

James K.

Hamilton Marino

Cortek Clients Say..

“Working with Cortek (SBS Group) was great. Quoting was fast and only takes about a week whereas most companies take 4 weeks. I found the design process very good and we easily worked through any challenges. This was my first install using steel and it all worked out very well. I cannot believe how strong it is! I also like the 90mm trusses. Delivery was also seamless and we worked together on dates.”

Vinnie V.

ATV Constructions

Cortek Clients Say..

“Cortek (SBS Group) are synonymous with steel – like the Hoover of vacuums”.

Brad C.

Dynamic Developments

Cortek Clients Say..

“Cortek (SBS Group) had a professional approach as well as the knowledge and willingness to work with me to achieve my design. The competitive price wasn’t the only factor, but it did help. It was the complete experience from start to finish.”

Peter M.

Owner Builder

Cortek Clients Say..

“Another great project with Cortek (SBS Group). Always a pleasure working with a team that delivers such professional and reliable service. The product is second to none and their carefully considered detailing means the installation process is efficient and hassle-free.”

Rob B.

Bolt Blue Constructions

Cortek Clients Say..

“Great people. Great Service.”

Lee W.

Figurehead Constructions

Cortek Clients Say..

“Couldn’t speak more highly enough of the Cortek (SBS Group) product and process; it was excellent.”

Chris S.

Sassella Constructions