3 Case Studies where Cortek’s steel wall frame designs were utilised

3 Case Studies where Cortek’s steel wall frame designs were utilised

At Cortek, steel wall frame designs are our area of expertise. In fact, we can provide lightweight steel frame solutions for all types of construction projects.

Often, at the conception of a build project, we are approached with specific challenges such as reducing structural steel, meeting fire rating requirements or cutting back install time. At Cortek, we want to ensure the build for your project can be completed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

It’s no secret that steel has become the material of choice for many future-thinking builders and developers. Take a look for yourself at the below case studies from past Cortek projects where steel wall frame design solutions were successfully provided: 

Project 1: Skye Lodge, Frankston, VIC

When approached by Aged Care Developments, the Cortek team knew a steel frame solution would be ideal for the Skye Lodge Frankston project. We were tasked with meeting the following build requirements:

  • Fire ratings and safety for residents
  • Solar panel locations
  • Ceiling hoist requirements in some of the rooms

The weather resistant and non-combustible nature of steel was the standout choice  compared to traditional timber framing. For the client, this also meant there was less pressure to get the frames up if there were unforeseen delays in the construction process. 

The top-level structure, lower-level external walls and portico steel framing was provided by Cortek. The results really do speak for themselves!

Project 2: Warrigal Road Day Care Centre, Ashburton, VIC

Cardo Constructions (builder) and T3 Architecture presented us with a challenge – to develop an alternative wall frame design to reduce the use of structural steel and save time during installation.

Cortek’s light gauge steel-framing system was the material of choice for various reasons

  • Working closely with the builder, the Cortek project team fully engineered the required design and structural properties, removing the need for costly and unnecessary structural steel
  • Frames were fabricated using 3D CAD integrated machinery to ensure straight, accurate results for faster install

As a result, the project was able to be completed approximately 2 months earlier than projected. 

The Cortek steel solution checked all the boxes: durability, longevity, safety, efficiency, aesthetically complementary…and more!

Project 3: Lyndarum North Childcare Centre, Wollert, VIC

Returning client, Empire Property Builders, engaged Cortek again to assist with this innovative 2-storey childcare centre design. The build included a range of care rooms, facilities, storage spaces, planning space and more.

Steel framing was used for the walls, joists and trusses for this project, including a custom light gauge steel framing solution for the centre itself:

  • Steel frames were fabricated to exact site specifications
  • This reduced the need for on-site adjustments and material waste (both in the factory and on site)
  • Our steel solution was lightweight, true to specs and safer to handle and install on site

In the words of the client: “The team at Cortek are always at hand to help, and we do not see ourselves reverting to timber for the foreseeable future.”

Is a Cortek steel wall frame design right for your next build project?

For a multitude of advantages for your next build, use a Cortek steel solution

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