7 May 2019

3 Ways Pre-Fabricated Steel Framing Can Save You Time on Your Next Project

3 Ways Pre-Fabricated Steel Framing Can Save You Time on Your Next Project

You may have heard that pre-fabricated steel framing is a faster and easier way to construct multi-story and top level framing. But just how much time will it save you?

Of course, the exact amount is project-dependent. However, if you understand the different ways that pre-fabricated steel framing can reduce your overall build time, it’s possible to get a good estimate.

So, if you’re wondering whether making the switch from traditional on site construction to prefab framing is worth it, read on to discover three important ways it can save you time on your next project.

1. Everything Under One Roof

When you choose traditional site-built methods, you’ll need to engage multiple contractors to complete the installation and stick build of the framing on site. Not only does this mean going through the tender and award process for the structural steel, carpentry and roof truss packages, it also requires you to coordinate the different trades throughout the project.

A definite benefit of pre-fabricated framing is that it’s all handled under one roof. You’ll get a complete package that includes design, engineering and manufacture of your framing to your exact specifications, plus delivery to your site when you need it, ready for installation. This saves you the time and hassle of managing multiple trades, allowing you to tick that box and move on to the next task.



The original plans were redesigned by SBS Group (Cortek) to substitute a significant amount of structural steel, saving an estimated 4-6 weeks on the structural element of the build.’ Liberty Builders

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2. Efficient Off-Site Manufacturing Process

Pre-fabricated steel framing is designed, manufactured and delivered to site ready to install. This process is completed seamlessly off-site, which avoids the possibility of delays caused by adverse site conditions.

In addition, prefab steel framing is shop detailed to your site specifications and manufactured in a quality-controlled environment. Our CNC machinery is directly integrated with our design programs, which enables us to achieve precision and accuracy every time. The result is framing that is straight and true, which leads to further time-savings on site as unlike conventional construction, no packing or planing after installation is required.



On site, and in comparison, to using conventional concrete structure or timber, Cortek by SBS Group provided significant time saving in the project construction. By using the SBS Group system, we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of construction programme and associated preliminaries.’ James K – Design Manager, H&M Constructions (NSW)

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3. Faster and Easier to Install

With traditional methods, you need to coordinate each of your tradies to complete their part of the build before you can move on to the next stage. You are always at the mercy of the weather and other site and external factors that can cause delays.

In contrast, pre-fabricated steel framing is delivered directly to site ready to install. The prefab framing is lightweight so it’s easier to handle, and the installer has a detailed framing layout to follow, which brings further time efficiencies and a big difference to the overall project time.



Over the full shop drawing, fabrication and installation process, we saved roughly 2 weeks on our construction target dates.’ Amir M. – Contract Administrator, Figurehead Constructions

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Time Saved at Every Stage

The time-saving benefits of pre-fabricated steel framing is something every project manager should explore. With efficient and accurate off-site manufacturing processes and streamlined installation, using prefab framing can save you time at every stage of your project. This can make a massive difference to your overall project time – and to your bottom line.

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