About Us

Clear, consistent communication, a laser-like focus on the customer and steel framing solutions that stand up to every job.

Welcome to Cortek 

With over 50 staff, and having been accredited as ‘A Great Place to Work’ for three years, the Cortek team are dedicated to creating the ideal design for every project.

We believe in creating not only successful construction projects – but relationships, too. Partner with us, experience the Cortek difference and we will show you how our personalised, passionate service and expertise sets us apart and keeps our clients coming back to us.

Our experience allows us to deliver your projects smoothly, safely and on time. There’s always more than one way of looking at things, and we believe in a fourth-dimensional approach that considers every angle.


Providing affordable construction with logical and innovative prefab solutions.


Deliver a quality solution on time, every time.

Company Values

  • Integrity:  Every interaction is underpinned by honesty, transparency, respect and trust and taking final responsibility for our own actions.

  • Innovation: Always striving for more with a can-do attitude, adapting and challenging the status quo and finding the most logical outcome, every time.
  • Involvement: Working together with a customer-centric mindset to create strong relationships and set up each project for success.
  • Improvement: Every day is a fresh opportunity to learn and grow. By encouraging and welcoming feedback, our team are committed to continual improvement to achieve our standard of excellence.

Lasting legacy, new possibilities

Founded in 2003 with a vision – to make the complex simple. Our commitment to ‘construction through innovation’ has meant we’ve always been at the forefront of the industry, then and now.

Formally known as SBS Group, this name implies trust and confidence within the construction industry.

Cortek is a new brand building on this existing solid foundation to offer more value, creativity and possibilities than ever before.

Capability Statement

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Our Process


Every project is unique in design, scope, and detail – allow us to arrange a consultation session to provide value managed solutions tailored to your project needs.


Using the latest 3D computerised software, framing is shop detailed in-house including comprehensive fabrication layout plans and fixing locations. Framing is modelled and engineered to comply with the relevant building codes and certified engineering specifications.


Coordination meetings and communication along with site support form part of our unique customer focused service. Framing is manufactured in a controlled environment from light gauge steel materials using state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Deliveries are coordinated to suit individual project schedules and requirements.

Client Testimonial

“By using Cortek (SBS Group), we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of construction programme and associated preliminaries.

Cortek steel framing proved to demonstrate a number of advantages in which were seen throughout the entire build. Onsite, and in comparison, to using conventional concrete structure or timber frames, Cortek provided significant time saving in the project construction. Logistically, Cortek’s coordination of delivering frames and on-site handlings also worked in the projects advantage.

Advantages were not only limited to on-site construction; we found that in the design stage of the project the Cortek shop drawings were able to be coordinated with the likes of windows and joinery shop drawings to eliminate design clashes.”

James K.

Hamilton Marino