Building Your Next Project in a Bushfire-Prone Area? Embrace Steel for Optimal Safety!

Building Your Next Project in a Bushfire-Prone Area? Embrace Steel for Optimal Safety!

Operating in a beautiful and serene bushfire-prone area in Australia comes with its unique set of challenges. While we cherish the breathtaking views and the connection with nature, we must also be prepared to safeguard our developments against the devastating impact of bushfires. At Cortek, we urge consumers and designers to consider utilising wall and roof steel truss design for your next multi residential or commercial project within a bushfire prone zone. Backed by the CSIRO, steel sets the new Australian standard for fire proofing your development.

Unmatched Fire Resistance:

When it comes to defending your project from a bushfire’s wrath, nothing can rival the fire resistance of steel framing. Unlike traditional wooden structures that can be highly flammable, steel-framed structures offer a formidable defence against the intense heat and flames. The inherent fire-resistant properties of steel significantly reduce the risk of structural failure during a bushfire, granting you precious extra minutes to evacuate or for your defence team to respond. A recent post by Architecture and Design elequently discusses the steel v timber debate, further highlighting steel’s fire resistant properties.

Incorporating wall and roof steel truss design into your buildings construction ensures that the most critical load-bearing elements, such as the roof, have a much higher chance of remaining intact even under the harshest fire conditions. The non-combustible nature of steel means it does not fuel the fire, and unlike other framing materials, it won’t add to the blaze’s intensity, providing an extra layer of protection.


Strength and Durability:

Australia’s bushfire-prone regions are often subjected to extreme weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rain, and scorching heat. Designing your future development with steel provides unmatched strength and durability to withstand these environmental challenges.

Our steel trusses are engineered to bear heavy loads and resist deformation, ensuring the architectural integrity of your space remains steadfast even in the face of the fiercest bushfires or severe weather events. The resilience of steel-framed structures ensures there will be less reparations to be made after an encounter with fire. Further analysis by takes a deeper dive into fire testing and steel construction, deconstructing its “durability, non-combustibility and fire-resistant characteristics.”

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Moreover, wall and roof steel truss design frames have a longer lifespan than traditional wooden trusses, reducing the need for replacement and minimising waste over time. By opting for steel, you make a conscious decision to build in both an environmentally responsible and future proof way.


If you are considering developing your next multi residential or commercial project in a bushfire-prone area in Australia, steel is an excellent choice for optimal safety and peace of mind. The unmatched fire resistance, strength, and durability of steel-framed structures make them the ideal safeguard against the devastating impact of bushfires. The eco-friendly and sustainable nature of steel also makes it a responsible choice for protecting our environment and conserving precious natural resources.

As a leading steel framing company in Australia, Cortek are committed to providing you with the highest quality framing for your next construction project, ensuring that your development is built to withstand the toughest challenges nature may throw your way. Embrace the strength and resilience of steel, and build with confidence in a bushfire-prone area.

Protect what matters most – with the power of steel.

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