2 Dec 2016

Challenging Ceiling Features? Pre-Fabrication Makes It Easy

Challenging Ceiling Features? Pre-Fabrication Makes It Easy

As part of Melbourne Airport’s Duty Free refurb, vibrant and inspiring ceilings features were detailed – adding to the long legacy of the international terminal.

With a long history in manufacturing distinctive ceilings, Cortek by SBS Group was awarded the contract to pre-fabricate a mixture of diverse bulkhead shapes. Using light gauge steel, the frames were pre-fabricated in sections to tight tolerances. With bulkheads arriving to site for immediate installation, the whole process was far easier, faster and more accurate compared with a traditional stick build method.

The frames were custom designed to be suspended from droppers and fabricated to enable the direct fix of plaster or MDF linings. Integration of other services contributed towards time and cost saving benefits for the plastering contractor.

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