How a Steel Wall Framing System Can Streamline Your Next Build

How a Steel Wall Framing System Can Streamline Your Next Build

At Cortek, our speciality and area of expertise lies in lightweight pre-fabricated steel solutions for traditional and architectural framing (including walls, floor joists, roof truss and more).

Our extensive understanding of this material enables us to help clients create innovative builds and construction that is future proofed against the test of time, and the elements.

All steel framing is fabricated in our Melbourne-based factory and then delivered directly to site so we can ensure costs are kept low, onsite risks are reduced and to expedite installation for faster construction times.

However, the above is just the tip of the iceberg – at Cortek we also support our customers and clients at every step with our impeccable customer service. Below is a detailed overview that will help you understand how a steel wall framing system might be suited to your next project.


Which Projects are Best-Suited to a Steel Wall Frame System?

Cortek steel wall frames are ideal for low to mid-rise projects, such as:

  • apartments
  • townhouses
  • aged care
  • nursing homes
  • child-care
  • schools/education
  • community centres
  • shopping centres


Here’s a look at some of our case studies of builds that used a Cortek steel wall frame system:

Project 1: Hazel Apartment Complex, Auburn Road, Hawthorn

Builder: Quadrant Building Pty Ltd

Architect: Conrad Architects

For this modern, apartment complex build, Cortek provided top level external and internal wall framing, parapet, partition and roof truss Truecore steel framing, as well as posts and beams.

Since the top level had no major load to bear, a lightweight steel wall frame system was ideal. The custom-designed, pre-fabricated frame system incorporated services and hole requirements – not only did Cortek create frames to millimetre exact specifications, but also reduced overall costs and sped up installation for a finish that exceeded expectations.


Project 2: Wollert East Primary School & Community Centre

This supported inclusion school project comprised 5 buildings with learning and other facilities.

The builders required a faster and more readily available alternative to traditional timber frames – which is where Cortek stepped in.

A key consideration for this project upon surveying the local community was sustainability. The Cortek steel wall frame system met the needs for a more eco-conscious material option, given that the non-renewable resources used in the manufacturing of steel are not wasted (since steel is infinitely recyclable, with no downgrading in quality) – a highly unique and desirable build feature.

Steel lowered the dead loads to provide a straight, true and accurate framing system that also offers enhanced safety for pupils and staff, given steel is also fire and weather resistant. This was extremely important for the end use of this project and ever-changing Australian weather conditions.


Project 3: Melbourne Showgrounds, Victorian Pavilion

Builder: Melbcon

Architect: Brand Architects

This build had some unique needs that required us to design, certify and fabricate a lightweight steel framing system to support the slotted panels for the V-shaped ceiling (while also avoiding the existing structure and ducts).

Cortek and the contractor were confident a pre-fabricated system would overcome the many challenges facing the construction team. We engineered and developed a prototype to confirm the frame could take the weight of the ceiling materials and be supported at each end without flexing.

From here, the framing modules were manufactured in liftable sections for faster, easier and safer install, resulting in a stunning end result that suited the end application perfectly. 


Many builders and developers are choosing to build with Cortek steel – here’s why:

In addition to the benefits of a Cortek steel wall frame solution outlined above, here are some further reasons to consider steel for your next build

  •  Fast manufacturing and quick lead times
  •  Accurate and true framing
  •  Reduced exposure and risk at site level
  •  Lighter and faster = lower labour costs and installation time on site
  •  Finish on time or ahead of project schedule
  •  Longevity
  •  Rust, termite and rot resistant
  •  High tensile strength

Why Choose a Cortek Steel Solution?

In many cases, steel is the best material choice and project solution for a build, offering many advantages over its main counterpart timber.

What sets a Cortek steel solution apart is not only our experience in this area, but also our commitment and service to ensure your project excels.

We work closely with builders, architects and contractors to create unique solutions that transform complex structural steel designs into smarter, lightweight alternatives that don’t compromise structural integrity.

Many of our existing clients have worked with us across a number of projects and always tell us the future of construction is steel, and we couldn’t agree more. 

We can fabricate steel to suit your individual project specifications, including in-house shop drawings, 3D CAD design and engineering certification.

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