16 Sep 2016

Off Site Architectural Steel Fabrication Solutions for Waterdale Road Aged Care

Off Site Architectural Steel Fabrication Solutions for Waterdale Road Aged Care

The architects, De Nova Group, didn’t overlook the ceiling when they detailed the new Waterdale Road Aged Care facility – circular bulkhead features line the main dining, function, social and entrance spaces, contributing towards the five-star environment.

With all bulkhead projects, there are two options for the contractor. Either the bulkheads are constructed directly on site using a stick build method or they are manufactured off site to the project specifications using lightweight steel and then simply fixed on site, ready for the final finishes.

With the contractor recognising pre-fabrication as the most productive option, Cortek by SBS Group were invited to design, detail and manufacture the curved and feature bulkhead ladder frames for this project. Built in manageable sizes for easy transport and handling once on site, the pre-fabricated architectural steel frames were designed to be either fixed direct to the ceiling or hung by droppers, depending on the architectural specification.

The framing design shown directly below was fabricated, assembled and tested for quality control before taken apart into four separate sections for delivery.

Still weighing up your options for an on site or off site build? Not sure whether pre-fabrication is the right fit for your project? These comments from our clients say it better than we can:

I would like to thank you and your team for the effort put into our project ceiling bulkheads. The skill put into the design, detailing and fabrication for a successful outcome was clear and present. We would not hesitate to call on your services should future projects require it.”

Dan O. – DJO Constructions


We would use SBS systems again, great service and time saving, great job guys.”

Chris A. – Armstrong Commercial Plaster

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