30 Aug 2016

One Week from Quote to Delivery?

One Week from Quote to Delivery?

Two weeks ago, the new Legoland Discovery Centre at Chadstone Shopping Centre wasn’t featured anywhere on our production schedule or project list.

But when a valued client rang with a request for pre-fabricated wall framing in a very short time frame, the Cortek by SBS Group team were quick to take on board the challenge. Deadlines were looming and a time-consuming, labour intensive on site build was no longer viable.

The estimating team quoted up the project, sent it off the next day and within a few hours, a purchase order came through.

From there, drawings were completed and the operations team took over. Despite a full schedule on the factory floor, manufacture of wall framing commenced using our new state of the art technology and just one week later, the first lot of frames were loaded onto the truck and sent to site – mission accomplished!

That’s the power of pre-fabrication. Quick, easy, simple and smarter.

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