30 Apr 2015

Pre-Fab Facade Solution for Platinum Towers

Pre-Fab Facade Solution for Platinum Towers

Platinum Towers – another high end apartment development for Melbourne.

Platinum brings a new level of luxury to life in the world’s most liveable city.” 

The $280 million development is under construction by Brookfield Multiplex with an estimated completion date of July 2016.

The team at Cortek by SBS Group is working in conjunction with the cladding contractors, manufacturing blade and box truss car park façades off site including the direct fix of cladding as modulised units. Framing has been designed to support the hanging green creeper feature façade. The unique facade will contribute both to the architectural appearance of the development as well as “provide green relief to the local environment” and will be one of the world’s largest vertical gardens.

Significant framing has been installed and the remainder scheduled for completion in the coming months.

Cortek…pre-fabricated solutions for efficient and effective construction.

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