15 Feb 2016

Prefab Solutions for Platinum Towers: In Pictures

Prefab Solutions for Platinum Towers: In Pictures

Designed by the Sydney-based architects Squillace and under construction by Brookfield Multiplex, the towering Platinum Apartments project is in its final months, with completion expected in July of this year.

With years of experience in creating lightweight prefab framing solutions, Cortek by SBS Group designed and manufactured blade and box truss framing for the car park podium including full shop detailing, layout plans and engineering computations. Framing modules were pre-fabricated and delivered directly to site for quick and easy installation, replacing the tedious task of conventionally building on site.

Here’s a snapshot of how the project progressed:

  • Acceptance of quote and scope defined

  • The vision

  • Prototype passes the test!

  • The first of the blades are installed

  • Blade framing installed on all levels

  • Installation underway for the box truss framing

  • Installation complete, allowing for the creation of the “Green Wall” – a vertical living facade

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