Project Overview

Project Research Residence
Builder N/A
Architect J3 Design
Location Research, Melbourne

THE PROJECT CHALLENGE / With the proposed residence located in a high termite and bushfire area, a steel framing system that was durable and not vulnerable to environmental elements was essential.


> Using 3D computerised software, the detailed frame design was shop drawn, modelled and engineered, ensuring that any minor adjustments were resolved before framing went into production.

> Framing was fabricated using TRUECORE steel. Steel does not split, bow and twist like timber, resulting in straight, true and accurate frames.

In the words of the builder:
‘I believe the greatest advantage is never having to worry about structural damage due to termites…Also the walls are straight and don’t require the costs of straightening walls. Thanks to all involved at Cortek Framing by SBS Group for delivering an exceptional product and finish.”