Project Overview

Project Salvation Army Housing
Builder Spence Construction
Architect Baumgart Clark Architects
Location Grovedale, Victoria

THE PROJECT CHALLENGE / With a repetitive design across 25 townhouses, the builder was searching for an efficient framing system to speed up the install process.


> In a first for the builder, steel was chosen as the framing material of choice, an advanced alternative to a traditional on site timber build.

> Framing was shop detailed, 3D modelled and engineered in-house to meet the relevant codes, structural requirements and project specifications.

> Townhouse types were produced from the same drawing for the steel model for improved manufacturing and quicker installation.

> With frames labelled and linked to drawings completed in the design stage, the delivery process was coordinated and efficient.

In the words of the client:
‘Steel was a great choice due to the repetitive nature of project and we would definitely use Cortek Framing by SBS Group again.’