Project Overview

Project SUR Apartments
Builder Buildcept
Architect Tom Robertson Architects
Location Moonee Park, Victoria

THE PROJECT CHALLENGE / Today’s construction industry is fast paced. Smarter ways of building are essential in keeping up with demand, project deadlines and staying on budget. When it comes to the construction of top level framing for mid-rise apartment projects, cold formed steel wall and roof trusses are becoming the preferred choice for many builders.


> The advancements in cold formed steel framing offers competitive solutions with savings achieved in many ways.

> The Cortek Framing by SBS Group lightweight and high strength engineered framing system replaced the traditional timber and structural steel for this 5 level project.

> All stages of the process were managed by Cortek’s dedicated project coordinators from initial design through to in-house detailing, modelling, engineering, fabrication and delivery.

> Frames were manufactured to suit exact specifications and for easy installation. This reduced the amount of waste on site and extensive labour that is usually required for stick building methods.

> As steel requires less maintenance compared with timber, it is not susceptible to moisture, pest or termite damage. This is another major advantage for the builder and client owner.