6 Oct 2016

SBS Group Donates $1000 to Help Find Cure for Lymphoma

SBS Group Donates $1000 to Help Find Cure for Lymphoma

Last week, SBS Group made a donation of $1,000 to the Lymphoma Australia’s Nurse Project on behalf of one of our customers –  himself a sufferer from the cancer.

Health and wellbeing is something that we mostly take for granted. Yet cancer is no respecter of persons – it can strike down the healthiest and fittest just as it can affect those aged and weak. Every 2 hours in Australia, another life is changed for ever with the diagnosis of lymphoma.

Lymphoma is a blood cancer that affects white blood cells and is developed in the lymphatic system.

This is a cause we are pleased to support and trust that our donation will assist in helping to find a cure for this life-changing disease.

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