Traditional Framing
We partner with our clients to design and supply framing for successful construction projects. From residential to retail, aged care to schools, here at Cortek we have over 20 years’ experience in light gauge steel pre-fabrication.

Pre-fabricated wall, floor joist and roof truss framing using light gauge steel materials: the forward thinking alternative to timber construction.

Using light gauge steel lowers building dead loads and provides a straight, true and accurate framing system.

Framing is fabricated in our Melbourne based factory and delivered direct to site with 3D models and layout plans for easy and fast on site installation. Our framing systems are ideal for low to mid rise projects including apartments, townhouses, units, aged care, nursing homes and schools.


  • Straight and true framing
  • Long-span capabilities
  • 3D virtual modelling
  • CNC manufactured components
  • Easy installation on site
  • No straightening of walls
  • Lower labour costs
  • Designed to suit the application
  • Designed to suit the contractor
  • Rust, termite & rot resistant
  • Lightweight construction
  • Reduced floor loads
  • Fast manufacturing
  • Structural steel reduction
  • Weather resistant

Client Testimonial

“By using Cortek (SBS Group), we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of construction programme and associated preliminaries.

Cortek steel framing proved to demonstrate a number of advantages in which were seen throughout the entire build. Onsite, and in comparison, to using conventional concrete structure or timber frames, Cortek provided significant time saving in the project construction. Logistically, Cortek’s coordination of delivering frames and on-site handlings also worked in the projects advantage.

Advantages were not only limited to on-site construction; we found that in the design stage of the project the Cortek shop drawings were able to be coordinated with the likes of windows and joinery shop drawings to eliminate design clashes.”

James K.

Hamilton Marino

Value Managed Solutions For Your Challenging Designs

Architectural framing can be challenging as design continues to evolve, but using pre-fabricated steel framing can make it a whole lot easier. Our team of designers have years of unrivalled experience when it comes to turning complicated designs into easy to install architectural masterpieces.

Using a pre-fabricated framing system keeps costs low, reduces onsite risks and results in faster construction times.

Working closely with builders, architects and contractors, Cortek Framing has transformed thousands of complex structural steel designs into smarter lightweight alternatives – without compromising structural integrity.


  • High strength yet lightweight construction
  • Custom fabricated to suit individual project specifications
  • Reduces exposure and risk at site level
  • Easier on site handling
  • Accurate and true framing
  • Less on site labour required
  • Structural engineering certifications and designs (if required)
  • Quick lead times to suit project schedules
  • Fast, simple and controlled installation processes
  • In-house shop drawings, 3D CAD designs and engineering certification

Client Testimonial

“Cortek (SBS Group) made easy work of what was a challenging frame to begin with. The biggest benefit is the prefabrication off site and coming a very close second would have to be the reduction of human error on site by simply putting up a perfectly regenerated prefab frame. It’s just like LEGO and up it goes piece by piece. Keep up the good work, we pride ourselves on doing work that involves using great minds like yourselves. Wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time we use you guys.”

Brady M.

Comcraft Constructions