Our expertise in steel roof truss design, engineering, and fabrication empowers us to deliver cutting-edge solutions for all construction projects in Australia. At Cortek Framing, we have the knowledge and resources to meet all of your roof truss framing requirements, from individual residential buildings to large-scale developments and commercial projects.

The fabrication process for all our steel roof truss frames is completed at our Melbourne factory, with high-precision roll-forming machines. Thanks to the strong ribbed C-sections that we use, it is possible for us to create designs incorporating large spans, which do not require additional supporting columns or load-bearing walls.

If you are looking for roof truss specialists who can help you bring contemporary designs to life, without adding unnecessarily to the complexity of your build, Cortek Framing is the company to contact.

Engineered in accordance with Australian building codes

All of our roof truss sections and connections are designed and engineered to comply with Australian building codes and guidelines. Whether you are undertaking a new construction project in a cyclonic or non-cyclonic part of the country, we can provide you with a steel truss solution that meets all of your requirements.

Custom steel roof truss solutions

Whatever the size or type of building you wish to construct, our team can design a roof truss solution that ensures timely completion within your budget.  Using advanced 3D modelling and design software, we are able to produce detailed layouts and plans for you to evaluate before they are passed through to our fabrication team. As roof truss steel specialists who have worked on many different types of construction projects since 2003, we can produce custom solutions for innovative building designs and more traditional construction styles. We can fabricate steel roof truss framing solutions for all types of roof cladding and architectural themes according to your specifications.

Delivery, assembly and installation

Once we have completed the fabrication of a new steel truss solution, we package it ready for transportation to site. The lightweight nature of our framing means that it is easy to assemble and install but, if you prefer, we can provide you with details of recommended local installers who can complete the necessary work on your behalf.

With no need for any on site cutting or fabrication work, and weighing up to 40% less than its timber equivalent, a steel roof truss solution is a faster, safer and more convenient alternative for many building applications.

If you would like to find out more about our steel wall/floor joist and roof truss framing solutions, you can contact us by phone during working hours or by sending us an email at any time. Once we know exactly what you need and when you need it, we can talk you through the options we have to offer and prepare a detailed quotation for you to evaluate.


Are steel trusses cheaper than timber?

In terms of initial cost, a steel roof truss solution is generally more expensive than a comparable timber truss but because it will be lighter and easier to assemble on site, it is often the cheapest option in terms of overall cost. For an exact figure you can use to perform your own cost analysis, please get in touch with us to request a competitive quote.

What are the advantages of a steel roof truss?

A steel truss will normally be around 40% lighter than an equivalent timber truss. Many construction firms use steel trusses to reduce the dead loads in their building designs and reduce the required on site assembly time. Because they are lighter, they also help to reduce the risk of injury during the installation phase, making them a popular choice with OHS managers on construction sites in Australia. They are also unaffected by pests or dry rot, making them an excellent option for applications where durability is of prime importance.

How much do steel trusses cost?

The cost of a steel truss solution from Cortek Framing will depend on the scope of work and your desired specifications. If you would like an accurate estimate, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to make a note of your requirements before preparing a full quotation for your consideration. You can get a reasonable idea of average costs by searching for a steel roof trusses online, but for an accurate price, you need a quote that is based on your precise requirements.

How much weight can a steel truss hold?

The load-bearing capacity of a steel truss will depend on the design and specifications to which it is fabricated. If you let us know how much weight you need to support, we can provide you with a roof truss design recommendation that will meet your requirements.