At Cortek, we specialise in steel framing solutions for all types of construction projects in Australia. Whether you are building a residential property, a retail development or a local school, we can design, manufacture and deliver steel wall framing that enables you to complete your project in the most efficient manner possible.

We have been producing high-quality steel wall frames since 2003 and, during that time, we have worked on a huge variety of construction projects in Australia. If you are looking for unrivalled expertise, short lead times and guaranteed quality, Cortek Framing is the manufacturer to contact.

A custom steel wall framing system designed by experts

Whatever your project, we can design and create a steel wall frame to your specifications in our purpose-built factory in Melbourne. Using advanced 3D modelling software and our in-depth knowledge of wall framing systems, we will create a solution that meets all of your requirements in full. We will work in close cooperation with your team from start to finish, ensuring the suitability of our solution for your project and making it easy for your construction team to understand how to approach the installation process once the frames have been completed and delivered to your site.

Durable, lightweight and fully compliant steel wall framing

As steel framing experts with decades of experience, we are very familiar with Australian standards and the construction industry’s best practices. Our expertise enables us to produce durable, lightweight and fully compliant steel wall frames that meet our customers’ requirements.

Designing your steel wall frame

Before we start the design process, we will meet with your team to discuss all relevant specifications and requirements. We will work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that every detail is completed in accordance with your specifications.

Fabricating your steel wall framing system

Once we have completed the design, we will deliver the layout plans and 3D models for your approval. Having received approval, these documents will be passed through to our manufacturing team and the manufacturing process will begin. The time it takes to create your wall framing system will depend on the scope of the project.

Delivery and installation

Once manufacture is complete, we will prepare framing for dispatch. We deliver all framing solutions directly to our clients’ sites, accompanied by full plans and documentation. If you do not have an installation team on hand or you would prefer to have the work performed by a team of outside specialists, we can recommend a local, Cortek-approved contractor to handle everything for you.

Why choose a steel wall framing solution from Cortek Framing?

There are several very good reasons to use a wall framing solution from Cortek, the most important of which include:

  • Easy on site installation — Because all sections are pre-fabricated in our Melbourne manufacturing facility, there is no need for any additional preparation work once your framing arrives on site. Precision roll-formed to your exact specifications, each section will be ready to install.
  • No wastage — When working with timber frames, it is necessary to inspect every section. With our steel frames, there is no need for inspections and no wastage.
  • Pre-cut service holes — There is no need to worry about drilling for plumbing and electrical services with a custom steel wall frame from Cortek. All service holes will be pre-cut at our factory, per your specifications.
  • A lightweight solution — Steel is much stronger than timber, which means we are able to fabricate lightweight wall framing solutions that don’t compromise the structural integrity of the buildings in which they are installed. It also means that your wall frame sections will be easier to manoeuvre into place — helping to reduce the dead load of your building.
  • Pest-resistant and maintenance-free — Unlike timber frames, steel framing does not need to be treated with preservatives or pest repellents. It can’t be damaged by termites and is not susceptible to mould, dry rot or rising dampness. If you need a durable, maintenance-free wall framing solution, steel is the obvious choice.

Speak to us about your steel wall framing requirements today

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