The Suitability of Steel Wall Framing Across a Range of Builds

The Suitability of Steel Wall Framing Across a Range of Builds

There was a time when steel wall framing was largely utilised in the industrial space for large scale builds that needed the best solution that maximised cost and time efficiencies.

Fast-forward to current day, and steel is a highly sought after fabrication solution across a wide array of builds.

Learn more about this versatile material below, and discover if it’s right for your next build:


When it comes to care and education-based projects, some of the most important build requirements are ensuring safety and longevity for generations to come.

Lyndarum North Childcare Centre in Wollert, VIC is one of our case studies that exemplifies these aforementioned features via the use of Cortek steel.

Working closely alongside our client, Empire Property Builders, it was an easy decision to utilise steel framing for the walls, joists and trusses of the childcare centre.

The quality of Cortek steel is what differentiates the product material from other alternatives.

We can provide a straightforward, simple-to-install system, that in this case had Empire Property refuting the use of timber for the foreseeable future!

Our steel trusses solutions are:

  • Easier to handle
  • Faster to install once on site
  • Have a clearly marked frame labelling system to assist with efficiencies
  • Effectively coordinated with installers and site teams to avoid delays

Additionally, steel is not just lightweight, but incredibly strong and durable – it will not warp, bend or distort; proving itself to be a low maintenance solution that lasts the test of time.

The above also means safer handling on site due to less weight, risk and exposure.

For a future-proof solution for care, education and a myriad of other sectors that require low maintenance, safe solutions, the buck stops with our steel wall framing solutions.

You can rest assured it is:

  • Non-combustible
  • Essential in disaster prone and high-risk areas
  • Weather resistant (against water damage for instance)
  • Rust, termite and rot resistant

This makes it a no-brainer when trust and safety are non-negotiable; especially in private residences and public domains like shopping centres, schools and care homes.


At Cortek, the key considerations we are most often faced with when contracted for residential projects is:

  • Full compliance to Australian standards
  • To find ways to save across the project
  • Complete the project in the most efficient manner possible

Thankfully, steel wall framing meets all of the above criteria (and more)!

At Cortek, we design and create all wall frames to the exact specifications required in our purpose-built Melbourne factory, using advanced 3D modelling software.

The new Hazel Hawthorn apartment complex is a recent example of a multi-residential build where Cortek steel wall framing was utilised.

We worked directly with the client and project builders (Quadrant Building) to design and provide top level external and internal framing (as well as parapet, partition and roof truss, posts and beams).

Steel framing was the ideal option, since the top level had no major load to bear, and we were able to create millimetre perfect results.

Safety First = Time (+Money) Saved

With years of experience and expertise in this area, you can trust that we understand both industry best practices and the required Australian standards that are essential to every build.

The additional benefit of this is avoiding any potential delays (due to the delivery of non-compliant components/materials).

The framing for Hazel Hawthorn was custom-designed and shop-detailed by Cortek to incorporate services and hole locations, and in turn, avoid extra time for additional drilling.

As always, the framing was precision roll-formed to the exact specs needed and delivered with full plans to get started on install ASAP.

Compared to other materials, the use of steel both sped up installation and reduced costs! Let’s not forget, steel is much stronger than timber and easier to manoeuvre into place, which helped reduce the dead load of the building.



In addition to all the structural and resourceful benefits of using steel wall framing, the sustainability of steel is an often underestimated key benefit that other building materials (timber, bricks, etc.) cannot offer.

It is something particularly important for many retail and cultural projects that are mindful of their impact on the community.

Cortek steel frames are infinitely recyclable, and low on lifecycle energy usage. When fabricating the steel frames, we always reduce all material waste in the factory and on site.



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