21 Oct 2015

Talk Safe. Think Safe. Work Safe.

Talk Safe. Think Safe. Work Safe.

October the 19th to the 28th is WorkSafe Health and Safety Week in Victoria and here at Cortek by SBS Group we like to talk and think about safety because we believe everyone deserves to return home from work each day unharmed.

We also believe there are smarter ways to work safe, both on site and off site. Back in April, we published a post called How Safe is your Workplace? investigating how the use of pre-fabrication contributes towards this.

One of the stats that came out of this was:

Fatal accidents in construction (on site) are three times more likely than in the manufacturing sector (off site).

It’s a pretty incredible statistic. What makes off site manufacture so safe?

Sarah Bachmann, CEO of the National Precast Concrete Association sums it up well, ‘Taking work off site and into factories achieves improved safety outcomes and enables better health and safety control. Level, secure work surfaces are much more achievable in a confined purpose-built factory than on site as construction is happening, and with work being done off site in a factory, construction sites are less cluttered and inherently safer.’

You can read the full article here.

Improving health and safety improves productivity. So, this October (and always), Talk Safe. Think Safe. Work Safe.

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