Here's what our clients have to say about building with steel and their experiences working with the Cortek team.

“We’re very happy working alongside Cortek (SBS Group) for the design and manufacture of the light gauge steel frames across our developments. The system is straight forward, easy to install and the team at SBS Group are always at hand to help with any queries that we may have. We do not see ourselves reverting to timber for the foreseeable future.”

Alex M.

Empire Property Builders

“It was certainly great working with you guys and the final results speak for themselves. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and Cortek (SBS Group) were a major part of the journey.”

Howard D.

McCorkell Constructions

“Cortek (SBS Group) made easy work of what was a challenging frame to begin with. The biggest benefit is the prefabrication off site and coming a very close second would have to be the reduction of human error on site by simply putting up a perfectly regenerated prefab frame. It’s just like LEGO and up it goes piece by piece. Keep up the good work, we pride ourselves on doing work that involves using great minds like yourselves. Wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time we use you guys.”

Brady M.

Comcraft Constructions

“Cortek (SBS Group) made things simple. Great product, easy to work with and Cortek are great to deal with. We saved 2 weeks on site install.”

Paul G.

Arc Plastering

“I believe the quality of the product is what differentiates it from timber. Once shop drawings were approved the process of installation was very easy…We were very satisfied with our dealings with the Cortek (SBS Group) staff.”

Yaser F.

Misr Engineering & Constructions

“Another great project with Cortek (SBS Group). Always a pleasure working with a team that delivers such professional and reliable service. The product is second to none and their carefully considered detailing means the installation process is efficient and hassle-free.”

Rob B.

Bolt Blue Constructions

“This was a challenging project but Cortek (SBS Group) kept persevering to make it work. We look forward to building on experience and working together again in the future.”

Dion B.

Aspyer Group

“Couldn’t speak more highly enough of the Cortek (SBS Group) product and process; it was excellent.”

Chris S.

Sassella Constructions

“We saved at least half the time by pre-fabricating and erecting on site – approximately a 4-6 week saving. All up we have been very happy with the Cortek (SBS Group) team and how it has come together.”

Angus K.

One Construction Group

“Very happy with the framing to date. Everything has gone together really well on site and the framing is millimetre perfect.”


Alex P.

Kospol Interiors

“By using Cortek (SBS Group), we estimate that we have saved approximately 2 months of construction programme and associated preliminaries.

Cortek steel framing proved to demonstrate a number of advantages in which were seen throughout the entire build. Onsite, and in comparison, to using conventional concrete structure or timber frames, Cortek provided significant time saving in the project construction. Logistically, Cortek’s coordination of delivering frames and on-site handlings also worked in the projects advantage.

Advantages were not only limited to on-site construction; we found that in the design stage of the project the Cortek shop drawings were able to be coordinated with the likes of windows and joinery shop drawings to eliminate design clashes.”

James K.

Hamilton Marino

“Cortek (SBS Group) are good to work with – they always find solutions. Their positive attitude is gold and the attitude of working as a team is priceless.”

Richard C.

Iurada Property Group

“Cortek (SBS Group) provided a full structural designed system from the provided plans which met the compliance requirements of the project. Following this they supplied a great product which was easily installed on-site.”

Fabian F.


“Responsive, helpful & on time.”

Steve H.

Design Builders

“Cortek (SBS Group) are synonymous with steel – like the Hoover of vacuums”.

Brad C.

Dynamic Developments

“Through the tender process, Cortek (SBS Group) and Figurehead worked together to identify any areas of concern and ensured that they were correctly designed in order to guarantee installation was a seamless process. 3D modelling and consultant workshops with Cortek’s engineering department assisted in identifying and mitigating any risks of interfacing lightweight steel with adjoining building components. Over the full shop drawing, fabrication and installation process we saved roughly 2 weeks on our construction target dates. The use of the steel framing system also had positive cost implications, with the supply and install providing beneficial savings”.

Amir M.

Figurehead Constructions

“Great to deal with and would again in the future.”

Alan B.

Adco Building Group

“The efficiency and communication from Cortek (SBS Group) was fantastic.”

Carmen L.

Figurehead Constructions.

“We choose to work with Cortek (SBS Group) as I view Cortek’s model as similar to our own and we share the same values: Fair, Honest, Family and Hardworking.”

Tony M.

Empire Property Builders

“Good operators.”

Adrian R.

S&A Russo Builders

“Cortek (SBS Group) had a professional approach as well as the knowledge and willingness to work with me to achieve my design. The competitive price wasn’t the only factor, but it did help. It was the complete experience from start to finish.”

Peter M.

Owner Builder

“Easy to deal with, no broken promises and the project coordinators we’re upfront and honest at all times.”

Paul K.

Schedule Constructions

“Great people. Great Service.”

Lee W.

Figurehead Constructions

“Working with Cortek (SBS Group) was great. Quoting was fast and only takes about a week whereas most companies take 4 weeks. I found the design process very good and we easily worked through any challenges. This was my first install using steel and it all worked out very well. I cannot believe how strong it is! I also like the 90mm trusses. Delivery was also seamless and we worked together on dates.”

Vinnie V.

ATV Constructions

“Great company, very willing to help and a pleasure to deal with. They really helped us out of a pickle in a very timely manner. Special shout out to Mitchell and Bryce. Thanks again team.”

Jeff R.

Koolrool Constructions