14 Jun 2019

[TIME LAPSE] The Langdon: Lightweight Steel Framing Installation

[TIME LAPSE] The Langdon: Lightweight Steel Framing Installation

The Langdon is a 4 level apartment project utilising a lightweight steel frame alternative to a traditional timber and structural steel approach.

Watch the install of one of Australia’s largest LGS framing projects – by using a Cortek by SBS Group system for the wall frames, floor joists & roof trusses, the builder was able to shave approx 2 months off their construction program!

Why Build with Steel?

  • Faster construction: There is no need to straighten or plane walls with the shorter construction time bringing additional cost-efficiency through earlier completions.
  • Precise accuracy: Steel does not split, bow and twist, like timber can, which means it is always straight, true and accurate in size.
  • Increased productivity: Steel framing is fabricated off-site, resulting in less construction waste and on site labour costs.
  • Sustainable: Unlike timber, steel is not harvested from forests and is 100% recyclable.
  • Design flexibility: Steel framing has a significantly greater strength-to-weight ratio than timber, which allows for wider spans and framing layouts to maximise floor space.

For more information on this project, including how the builder was able to save approximately 2 months by using a steel frame system, watch the Project Video or check out the Case Study.

With over 16+ years of LGS experience and having successfully completed over 3000 projects, our team is focused on finding the smartest solution for every build.

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