21 Sep 2016

Why Should I Use a Pre-Fabricated Balustrade System on My Project?

Why Should I Use a Pre-Fabricated Balustrade System on My Project?

With terms such as off-site manufacture, pre-fabrication and modular gaining momentum in the construction space, why are they becoming preferred construction methods?

Easton Burwood, a 5 level apartment project under construction by Buildcorp Commercial, is one of the latest projects to benefit from a pre-fabricated steel balustrade system and here’s why.

A fully coordinated system involves shop detailing, engineering and manufacturing of balustrades off site in a controlled factory environment using lightweight steel. Frames are then delivered to site, allowing the contractor or builder to lift the frames into position for an easy and quick installation process.

On this particular project, simple yet effective advantages provided a streamlined solution for both the builder and contractor. This included eliminating structural steel, infill framing and battens/top hats initially required for the balustrades. Frames were also designed to support the top aluminium screen and act as an immediate fall protection system once installed, removing the additional expense of a temporary structure.

Having previously used the a Cortek by SBS Group system, it was an easy choice for the builder to again involve our team on this project, recognising the on site benefits of utilising pre-fabrication.

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